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My Story

I bake bread. I bake cookies and cakes, and muffins. Nothing fancy. I don't like frosting, or fondant. I love to make croissants, they only seem fancy because they are French. Sometimes I am inspired by my African American roots. Sometimes I am inspired by my Caucasian roots. I also am inspired by the Jewish family I have married into.

Heights Baking Co. was inspired by my Jewish family. My father in law grew up in a family of bakers. His father and grandfather owned and operated a bakery in Cleveland Heights Ohio from 1905 to 1976 called Heights Baking Co. We live in Hamilton Heights Manhattan, so the name was an obvious choice. My sourdough starter is named for my husband's grandfather "Herb."

I started baking bread instead of buying it when I was eight months pregnant with my second child. Crazy pregnancy hormones make you do funny things. Three and a half years later I still bake our bread, and sometimes other peoples bread too. I watch the Great British Bake Off and then make the bread challenges and tag Paul Hollywood on Instagram. I give my cakes and breads funny names to pay homage to who inspired the recipe. Baking is a creative outlet for me in some of the same way singing a great song is. These days most of my singing is with Kindergartners and first graders instead of on stage in a spot light.... so thank God for Bread.