Purse Cake

My mom called me this weekend to tell me to check out our New York Times Magazine, because there was a recipe she was pretty sure I would like. Oh boy she was right.  Dorie Greenspan’s obsessive collection of recipes and the notes she takes on them. Something I do all the time. I take notes, and change things constantly. This article was the kind of writing I aspire too, but most importantly this was the type of cake I love to bake. “On the Road a cake you can take with you anywhere.” Included a recipe for Lemon-Spice Visiting Cake. I thought. This is everything I want to eat, and everything I need to have in my purse in case of emotional eating emergencies.

Years ago a friend of mine told me about how she ALWAYS has a trusty piece of cake in her purse. For those special times when only a petite piece of cake will do; when you are going through a break up, when you miss your mom, or just had a rough day at work. Comfort can be a sweet slice of something.  Sometimes it’s okay to eat your feelings just a little. Use your purse cake to have a personal mini celebration for a promotion, or an “A” on a test. It doesn’t have to just comfort you in times of need.

The types of cake I like to have in my purse aren’t gloppy hunks of frosted stale birthday cake. I like sturdy, moist snack cakes, quick breads like zucchini bread and pumpkin bread or pound cake gently flavored with with lemons and vanilla.  This visiting cake did not disappoint. To make it even more portable I made mini loaves and skipped the glaze. I am going to make a full size version the next time we are invited somewhere and add that marmalade glaze.



Carmen Keels