Happy New Year

I don't do New Years resolutions.
This year however being our first year of parenthood made me think, maybe I should do a little resolving. Certainly not to loose weight. The breast feeding has thankfully taken care of that. So. I resolve to write.
I want to write notes to Ella, to write down recipes that I come up with or tweak, or to write about crazy things that happen to me, my family, or at work. I want to write to remember. Because, since having Ella there is less time to remember things, and I find that there is so much more that I want to make sure I don't forget. Now since there is less time for remembering, I hope I find time to write. And maybe someone will want to read what I write. Probably just my mom, but that's okay.

For example: I teach preschool. The first week back at school the children were sharing fun adventures they had had over break. One little girl said. Well. I had a lot of sleepovers, and Lady Gaga fell on the floor. I thought Lady Gaga had fallen in a concert she had watched on TV or something. No. The little girl said, Lady Gaga is a chicken. We named our chickens, I asked, A live chicken? No, she said the cooking kind. Ah, I said. So then what happened. Well, we had three, Lady Gaga fell on the floor, Ostrich was in the cooker and Dillan was on ice. Ah, the magic of four year olds. I can't imagine what Ella will come up with when she's four.

For us, it was just exciting that Ella turned one. We couldn't believe a year had gone by so fast, and we are continually amazed at how everything has changed, all for the better. Except for the lack of sleep,but really sleep is overrated when you are greeted with a toothless grin at five in the morning, on a Saturday.

As Ella's birthday got closer we were peppered with questions. Are you going to have a party? Do you know you could rent out such and such space for only 500 dollars? Are you going to give her a "smash cake?" Huh? A smash what? Hold the phone. She's one, right? Like she's not going to remember this birthday? We will, but do we want it to be a reminder that we over spent and now wont be able to afford birthday's three, four, and five? Ones that she might actually remember and have friends to invite? Humm. So we started with the basics. On the actually day, Cake, Champagne, and a few of our friends. One couple who actually have a baby. Her "friend."AND an early celebration, for the Grandparents. That solved the 500 dollar birthday venue question, and the are you going to have a party question. Yes. But you're not invited, sorry. All these questions answered, but then the biggest and maybe even weirdest in my opinion was this notion of a "smash cake." Well. We didn't have one of those. She did enjoy her cake though, and it eventually made it all over her face, and a little up her nose. The party was a smashing success, it lasted an hour, and by nine-thirty Michael and I had a beer, watched our DVR'd How I Met Your Mother and fell asleep.
Even Keels