What Grimace Ate...

Ella turned one then decided she only liked certain things.
It was inevitable I know.
I also know that this is normal, and blah blah she'll eat when she's hungry I just need to continue providing healthy nutritious things. I know all of these things. But. The inner workings of a mothers mind are not always logical, or free from "did she get enough?" "She seems to exist on air." Etc. And then there is the extra peer pressure from other moms who don't have the same issue, or they just force feed their children without regard to if they are hungry or not.
Yeah, I've seen you.
Good luck with that.
And then there is the doctor telling us at her appointment to carb load. Well no problem there. She loves her carbs.

I have to say it made me sad a little, her adamantly refusing things that I really thought she would love! I thought I was on the road to having a non picky eater. She liked fish, all sorts of lovely veggies, brisket! I was a horribly picky eater as a child, and really it's only been in the last 10 years that I've become more adventurous.
I still don't like feta or goat cheese.
Clearly this is more my problem.
This I know.

She'll turn it around (she is only 14 months) but right now...

She likes Mac and Cheese. Who doesn't.
Blueberries, Strawberries, cheese, peanut butter, crackers, pasta with red sauce and spinach, ice cream, and bread. We have also added yogurt back into the repertoire because she realized that was a little like ice cream, and so therefore an acceptable food to be helped with.
Note: Since she was 8 months she has refused any help with eating.
Independent little fart.
I smile at that despite the frustration that it gives me at times.

So, who is Grimace. Well.

My mom came to visit.
She knew that Ella had been particular lately.
The teething, the growing, the too too busy to eat. So one day when I was out, and she was feeding Ella, mom had an idea.
What if Ella had a little "friend" she could feed. NOT the dog. A pretend game. She is into pretend these days. Making up whole imaginary scenes with her bear and grocery cart.
So mom picked up a plastic purple walrus (tub toy) named (by us) Grimace. And pretended to "feed" him. All the while making little tasting sounds, and saying how much he liked his cheese. So Ella caught on and did the same. Sooo funny. And she was so excited to do it. The munchy sounds and everything.
It worked. And provided endless entertainment for everyone.

Well, as with all things this too shall pass. Grimace is now retired. It worked for a week. I'll take that. Now because of the awful teething, little miss has decided it's a great idea to nurse every two hours again. Yay!! She had two teeth for 6 months, and then 4 more decided to come in all at once.
On to yet another phase....
I wonder how she'll do with Matzo's.
Even Keels