Into the Deep

Today (in my mind) marks the day where we begin the delicate, strategic, and sometimes terrifying navigation through the New York education system.
Ella had her first day of what I like to call Preschool Lite. A 90 min. class broken up into large motor time (that's preschool speak for the playground,) snack and free choice (Ella chose art and lining up farm animals.) The morning is guided by a teacher and the parents.
Since we are enrolled in the parent toddler program we don't have to line up at 6am like a chorus call for Lion King at the Apollo for regular preschool registration in January. We get a week head start. Which is why we are doing the class, well... And other things like academics and stuff. This place was on my radar before I was even married let alone had kids. All that being said I still have a list of other places to look at and tour. I even have a list of elementary schools although Ella is not 2 yet. Looking ahead is imperative.
I am convinced that we can give Ella a good education without spending 35 thousand dollars a year to do it.
Yes friends. 35 thousand dollars.
Here we go New York! I accept the challenge!!!
Even Keels