Evolution of New Years Eve

New Year's Eve has always been a holiday filled with loads of pressure around what to do, where to go, who to spend it with, or what to wear.
I believe that even if you are sitting at home watching TV with your parents you should be wearing something sparkly.
I've never been one to want to party like its 1999, but always have wanted it to feel special;.

These days New Years is special in a different way. Less about sparkles and booze and more about...
Pig tails and sparkling grape juice. 

Two years ago, Michael and I were sitting in our living room with two of our dear friends, playing games and sipping champagne, I was rolling around on a yoga ball and I was almost as big as the ball.
I was over due by three days, and thought...
This is it.
In the next twelve hours or so, it's gonna be go time.
This was New Years! The holiday of great expectations. We could have the first baby born of the new year!! We didn't.
Thank God!
Ella was born at 1:10am January 2nd. 
Two years later, I remember the pain, excitement, and anticipation, but what I think about more is the joy that the last two years has brought us.
The last few years have been such an exciting terrifying time as we navigate New York City with a child, and move in and out of jobs, and try and hold on to our apartment and sanity.
As I sit here on the eve of her second birthday, New Years Day 2013 I am remembering how thankful we are to have a happy, healthy child, jobs (I have a number of them as always) and that we have a roof over our heads. Life is full of challenges, this year has had many, but we are blessed to be able to muddle through the lows and rejoice in the highs.

This year we turned down a babysitter this NYE so that we could spend it with friends who also have a two year old (and a five year old.) We watched the London ball drop at 6pm, toasted with Sparkling grape juice, hugged and kissed and sang Auld Lang Syne.

2013 should prove to be interesting. Will we get a dishwasher? Cabinets?  Will I finally decide that one job is better than four?

One thing is certain, and two things sure. I will begin the year learning how to make croissants, Ella is going to make us pretend coffee in her new play kitchen, and Michael is going to hope beyond all hope that the new Brown's coach and General Manager will make it Cleveland's year.

Even Keels