Baking School Chronicles: Flake

People always ask me.
You have a job and two kids right?

How do you find time for all this baking.
The thing is...
I committed to doing this baking school thing, and there is homework.
So there is more baking than usual going on in the Keels/Becker house for the month of October. 
That being said. I enjoy it. It's relaxing. Sometimes the kids "help."
Day fifteen of baking school the lesson was about croissants.
Croissants however require a bigger commitment of time and planning ahead. All they require is flour, butter, yeast, milk, water and salt. The key is to start them on a day when I know I will have the time to let them rise, to let them chill and to be able to accomplish all of turns required for all of those buttery layers. It was smart of to choose croissants for day 15.

A Friday is the perfect day to start such a big project.
You insure that your weekend is full of crisp buttery goodness.
Final Turn
 This is the start of the 6:30am rise Saturday morning.

 This is a terrific way to start the weekend! One of the best things about croissants besides all the flaky buttery layers is the portability! Time for the Playground!!

Even Keels