Belting before noon... Day three.

It turns out I can still bring it before noon.
Singing for preschool kids in the classroom doesn't count.

I'm talking full on belting my face off at day three of Avenue Q rehearsal.

After a five year hiatus I have found that getting back into rehearsal and performance mode is just like riding a bike.
However, it's just a bigger heavier bike!
I am grateful for all of it. The job, my entourage consisting of Ella, Michael, and of course Luna who are willing to part with me for the majority of the weekend, and weeknights. And my parents for putting is up for our two month adventure.

My reality is just so extraordinarily different than it used to be.

All that being said I have found in the last few days that this job, this whole experience might lead to my best and most rewarding work on stage....
Stay tuned.

Even Keels