Bryden Road Express

I miss the subway.
I never thought I would say that and mean it.
Particularly during the summer when the smell and heat of the New York subway platforms burn the inside of your nose, and eyeballs.
I miss it.
Well, not the burning sensation. But the ease at which you can go to and from, and can read while doing it.
Ella likes the Subway too. The weird people, the attention from little old ladies. The car just doesn't offer the same perks. Only Raffi. Which she sometimes needs to hear so that she forgets the restraints of the car seat. She loves going places, but doesn't like to be in the car to get there.
I have to agree with her.
Does this mean that I am a New Yorker now?
I wonder.
Does it also mean we're full stop new yorkers when Michael and I talk about how less space is not such a bad thing with a toddler around.
Maybe so.
The backyard is great, the quiet at night is wonderful, and being able to be in an amazing show with amazing people has been really terrific.
We open this week, and I am so excited! My shoulder blades are smarting, and I have one giant bicep from all the puppet work, but the anticipation of an audience overrides all of the pain and lack of sleep. It has been one of the most rewarding rehearsal processes I've ever had and I'm looking forward to a successful run.
In the mean time we'll keep driving the BRE in the Chevy SUV the two miles to the theatre, and quarter mile to the grocery. And know that when we get back to the city in September cooler weather will be close, and the burn of the stench will begin to wither away, and I'll be whisked away through a whole in the ground once again. It'll only be a matter of time when we will pine away for a giant car to shlep things too and from storage, or go to the New Jersey IKEA.

Even Keels